I made a website with best learning resources on IT topics

Here it is: bestresourcestolearnx.com.

Learning new stuff is an integral part of a software engineer's job and a daily routine for any curious person working in IT. We constantly discover and learn new programming languages, frameworks, libraries, tools, concepts, theories, and ideas. We do it to get better at our jobs. And we do it because learning is fun.

Learning a topic becomes fun once you're on a learning path, once you find good books, docs, tutorials, and other resources to follow. But searching for good resources can be frustrating. The problem nowadays is not that good information is scarce. The problem is that there is too much information, and most of it isn't that good or doesn't suit your needs.

Search engines are good at finding some stuff but fail to filter out the best. Try to google "best resources to learn python". You'll get dozens of articles recommending hundreds of resources. Which one should you pick? You may refine your query to something like "intermediate python books", but the problem remains. So you probably type "site:news.ycombinator.com" or "site:reddit.com", read reviews, and eventually do a full research on the subject.

It would be cool if someone did this research for your and saved your a lot of time next time you learn something. They would learn about the topic in great detail, go through all the available resources, pick the best, and share the links, supplying each resource with a brief description of its contents and its target audience so you can quickly tell if it's for you.

I thought I could be that person since I often learn new stuff and do this research anyway. So I created bestresourcestolearnx.com – a curated collection of best learning resources on IT topics.

The project is in the very early stage. Right now I cover topics that I know or that I'm learning about. If you want to contribute, please go to this repo. I welcome issues with resource recommendations and any other suggestions. Just note that the content is opinionated, so I cannot guarantee everything gets published.

More content is on the way. People, keep on learning!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me at victor@tenthousandmeters.com